Father of the Groom Speech Example

Father of the Groom Speech ExampleEvery father will once look for a father of the groom speech example. It might be for your own son’s wedding or a friend of yours. Regardless of the case, we look for templates to get ideas of formality or speech elements that can be included in the groom’s father wedding speeches.

Although no template will be enough to save your time from writing and editing your speech, every template will be helpful in the process. You know, everything is easier as soon as you see someone else doing the things you want to do.

So, let’s analyze this template and be inspired by it:

“Dear guests, family and friends,

I am honored to be here today with you. You honor me and my family with your presence, you honor the celebrated ones, our dear John and Angie. Let me thank you all for being here, I know it wasn’t easy for everyone to make it!

Throughout the relationship of John and Angie we can truly understand what patience and understanding is, things that are not quite common nowadays. I remember that John met Angie at the age of 15, as soon as entering high school. I thought it was just one of those passing, experiencing and hurting relationships, but it wasn’t. When I saw John turning 17,18 and still dating Angie I realized it’s becoming very serious and committed to her. Although Angie was introduced to me, I didn’t pay attention to her, because I thought that these kids are too young to understand commitment. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I remember how throughout all high school years, both John and Angie sacrificed a lot of things just to make each other happy. And I’m not talking about mistakes, such as sacrificing friendships. I am talking about things like sacrificing their own desires and expectations, sacrificing their free time to prepare surprises for each other. I began noticing how deep their love was!

Later on, as they were both about entering college, I found out that they had chosen two different universities which were very far away from each other. I thought that was the day of the beginning of the end, as far as their relationship was concerned. But it just wasn’t like that! They both studied hard and worked hard and tried as hard as possible to meet each other every single weekend and they had support from their friends. They were both so blessed to have loving and understanding friends, those real friends who were willing to pay for airplane tickets, train tickets or anything else to make it possible for John and Angie to meet.

What amazed me was how even Angie called me almost daily by phone, being interested about me, my family and John. She kept telling me how I am like a second father to her and I felt so happy about this because I felt things deep inside, I knew she was speaking the truth. Also, John was doing the same, although he didn’t know how many times Angie had called me or my wife.

Yes, they resisted for 4 years, being separated by distance. What kept them together you might ask? Their feelings, true love, caring and understanding – it was for the real values to keep them close to each other, being soul mates, they both knew they must be together because it is true love and they learned how to value true love.

So now, as you see, they are here and happily married! It’s just amazing what true love can do!

I thank every person for their help in particular, from the smallest efforts to the biggest efforts, as everything makes a difference into making things better. Let us toast for John and Angie, and let us toast for the miracles of true love!”

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